A Bike Ride to Khan Chhbar Ampov

Chbar Ampov means “Sugarcane Field” in Khmer, but it’s hardly the land of sugar it was originally made out to be. Most probably know it as an area of Phnom Penh to the Southeast housing a huge market. It’s also got a fairly big Vietnamese community, as most of the signs I saw during my visit indicated. Though I didn’t see sugarcane, I did see plenty of wood furnishing businesses/factories, and lots of child workers. This was a solo bicycle trip so I did not have as much courage in my photography as I would have otherwise, but I snapped some good scenes nonetheless.


aP1140870 aP1140871 aP1140872 aP1140873 aP1140874 aP1140875 aP1140876 aP1140878 aP1140879 aP1140880 aP1140882 aP1140883 aP1140885 aP1140886 aP1140888 aP1140889 aP1140890 aP1140891 aP1140892 aP1140893 aP1140895 aP1140896


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