Revisiting Koh Anlong Chen

The first time was during rainy season. This time dry season was the brutal backdrop. James, Dede, and I explored on bicycles.


P1140633 P1140634



And Dede:

P1140636 P1140637 P1140638 P1140639 P1140641 P1140642 P1140643 P1140644 P1140645 P1140646 P1140647 P1140648 P1140649 P1140650 P1140651

In Takmao:

P1140666 P1140667 P1140668 P1140669 P1140670

Svay Rolum Ferry:

P1140672 P1140673 P1140674 P1140675 P1140676 P1140677 P1140678 P1140679 P1140680 P1140681 P1140682 P1140683

On the Island:

P1140684 P1140685 P1140686 P1140687 P1140688 P1140689 P1140691 P1140692

Around this point my bike tire completely blew out. And so we walked.

P1140693 P1140694 P1140696

This cute puppy friend had a broken leg:


Dede and her Oreos:

P1140698 P1140699

Wat Kbal Koh Anlong Chen:

P1140700 P1140701 P1140703 P1140704 P1140705 P1140706 P1140707 P1140708 P1140709 P1140711 P1140712 P1140713 P1140715 P1140716 P1140717 P1140718 P1140719 P1140720

The Central Island Pagoda (Wat Kandall Koh):

P1140721 P1140722 P1140723 P1140725


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