A Space Within: The Performance Art of Khiang Heng et al

Rewind back to December, 2013. Bophana Center. An early evening performance. Khiang, my friend, local artist, has arranged a variety of musicians and dancers to perform in a central space. My friends from Singapore, including Daphne and Hweesh, were present along with me and Borey, in the audience. It was an enjoyable experience and I think everyone had a good time. The pictures below aren’t actually from me, however. I’m not entirely sure who took them, but they were delivered to me via Dropbox shortly after the event. I did take the following video, though. But unfortunately the battery died before the climax of the event:

2O9A8809 2O9A8989-small 2O9A8989 2O9A8964 2O9A8958 2O9A8954 2O9A8951 2O9A8949 2O9A8948 2O9A8947 2O9A8946 2O9A8944 2O9A8941 2O9A8938 2O9A8930 2O9A8924 2O9A8920 2O9A8919 2O9A8918 2O9A8916 2O9A8914 2O9A8911 2O9A8905 2O9A8902 2O9A8897 2O9A8889 2O9A8883 2O9A8877 2O9A8865 2O9A8852 2O9A8848 2O9A8846 2O9A8841 2O9A8839 2O9A8831 2O9A8830 2O9A8819


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