Writing Tour in Chambork, Part Two

After the first morning in Chambork, we first spent our time doing some team-building, and then proceeded to go about teaching students and then relaxing at a homestay in the village. The teaching was divided among genres: poetry, songs, and stories, though everyone pretty much got the same general education. The students clearly knew the basics (being in primary school but taught in a daily regiment), though were inspired to learn more. Though I did not provide much in the way of teaching (since all the teaching was in Khmer), I enjoyed visiting a little library that was built out of bamboo only a couple of months earlier.


This circle game involves trying to catch the finger of the person to your right at the same time you are trying to keep your finger safe from the person on your left.

P1110702_FrogResizer100 P1110703_FrogResizer100 P1110705_FrogResizer100 P1110707_FrogResizer100 P1110708_FrogResizer100 P1110710_FrogResizer100 P1110711_FrogResizer100

The human tangle, where everyone puts their arms into the circle, and then has to help the ground untangle the arms.

P1110712_FrogResizer100 P1110713_FrogResizer100 P1110714_FrogResizer100 P1110716_FrogResizer100 P1110717_FrogResizer100 P1110719_FrogResizer100 P1110721_FrogResizer100 P1110724_FrogResizer100 P1110725_FrogResizer100 P1110727_FrogResizer100

With the games over, it was time to move on to the education:

P1110729_FrogResizer100 P1110730_FrogResizer100 P1110731_FrogResizer100 P1110732_FrogResizer100 P1110733_FrogResizer100 P1110734_FrogResizer100 P1110735_FrogResizer100 P1110738A_FrogResizer100 P1110739_FrogResizer100 P1110744_FrogResizer100 P1110746_FrogResizer100 P1110747_FrogResizer100

The school:

P1110752_FrogResizer100 P1110753_FrogResizer100 P1110754_FrogResizer100 P1110755_FrogResizer100 P1110756_FrogResizer100 P1110758_FrogResizer100 P1110759_FrogResizer100 P1110760_FrogResizer100 P1110761_FrogResizer100 P1110762_FrogResizer100 P1110763_FrogResizer100 P1110765A_FrogResizer100 P1110767_FrogResizer100 P1110768_FrogResizer100 P1110769_FrogResizer100 P1110771_FrogResizer100 P1110772_FrogResizer100

The library:

P1110773_FrogResizer100 P1110774_FrogResizer100 P1110775_FrogResizer100 P1110776_FrogResizer100 P1110777_FrogResizer100 P1110778_FrogResizer100 P1110780_FrogResizer100 P1110781_FrogResizer100

After teaching, we went to the local village where we would be staying and did a writing exercise (though most just walked around and took pictures):

P1110785_FrogResizer100 P1110787_FrogResizer100 P1110788_FrogResizer100 P1110790_FrogResizer100 P1110791_FrogResizer100 P1110792_FrogResizer100 P1110793_FrogResizer100 P1110796_FrogResizer100 P1110797_FrogResizer100

This kid was so excited with the poetry class that afterwards he went home to write a poem. Then he managed to find us and show us:

P1110798_FrogResizer100 P1110799_FrogResizer100


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