Photo Gallery: Phnom Penh Tower and Eclipse Bar

Nestled on the top of (what I believe is) the third largest building in Phnom Penh is Eclipse Bar, a semi-fancy space open to all and usually packed with middle class (eek! controversial term) Cambodians, mostly young. I visited it recently for the first time in a while and got to see a somewhat-insane sunset. I still need to return for a magical pink sunset, which would be beyond words as well, even more so, but you’ll get a sense of just how magical the views are from this building during daylight hours. Unfortunately they don’t have umbrellas (I don’t think), which would make for a wonderful daytime experience. I’m assuming it’s not part of the business plan because of all the freak rainstorms. You’ll also get to see in this gallery some pictures of the interior of the building below the bar, which was unfinished. First, from the street:

P1080682 P1080712

Facing Northwest:

P1080711 P1080710 P1080709 P1080707 P1080705

Facing West:

P1080703 P1080701 P1080699

Facing South:


Facing Southeast:

P1080697 P1080696


P1080695 P1080694 P1080693




P1080690 P1080689 P1080688


P1080687 P1080686 P1080685





P1080718 P1080715
P1080727 P1080724 P1080722 P1080721 P1080720


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