Photo Reflections: Hello, Easy Riders

Anyone who has visited Vietnam has probably heard of the Easy Rider companies that exist to give private tours of the countryside to people curious to get away from the bus. We were approached like fish in a pond by the lure of the Easy Riders of Da Nang, when we were getting coffee on our second day at Da Nang. We had read great reviews, actually, and though we ended up spending a lot of money on some of the “activities” that the Easy Riders took us on (see the next post), I would say the experience was worth it. Some other notes from the photos below: this was our first experience on motos of any size (in this case motorcycles); and 2) it was great to see the old American bunkers from the American War in Vietnam. They are hauntingly in a state of urban decay.

P1050637 P1050701 P1050700 P1050699 P1050698 P1050697 P1050696 P1050695 P1050694 P1050693 P1050692 P1050691 P1050690 P1050689 P1050687 P1050685 P1050684 P1050683 P1050682 P1050681 P1050680 P1050679 P1050678 P1050677 P1050676 P1050675 P1050674 P1050673 P1050672 P1050671 P1050670 P1050668 P1050667 P1050666 P1050664 P1050662 P1050661 P1050660 P1050659 P1050658 P1050655 P1050654 P1050653 P1050652 P1050651 P1050649 P1050648 P1050647 P1050645 P1050644 P1050643 P1050642 P1050641 P1050640 P1050639 P1050638


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