Photo Reflections: Kuala Lumpur, Night 1

From the airport in Tioman to the rooftops in Kuala Lumpur, our transition from island life to urban mecca was outstanding. We used CouchSurfing to find a place to stay and ended up meeting many, many great people in KL because of this. Nick Chang, our host, introduced us to party culture and amazing food without any delay. Our adventure begins, below, with the “free” corn-flavored snack offered to us on the plane. I ate mine just to see how disgusting it was (imagine white bread with corn-flavored cream i the middle and you’ll be imagining what I put into my body). Jason did not eat it.


A word you don’t see every day:

P1040067 P1040068

This would be a great name for a play. Below: is it gum or something worse?


Below: an allusion to WW2?


Below: KL’s train platforms are filled with LCD screens playing advertisements. Everything is clean, too, just like in Singapore. The trains take longer to arrive, though.


Below: public transit in KL uses plastic tokens. Amazing… until you lose yours!


Wild night, wild cat:

P1040073 P1040072


As mentioned, Nick took us to this rooftop party which was a Francophone meetup/Couchsurfing meetup hybrid. The pictures don’t really show that much (outside of the beautiful skyline), but we met a lot of great local Malaysians and some not so great expats. Regardless, a raging time.

P1040095 P1040094 P1040093 P1040092 P1040090 P1040088 P1040086 P1040083 P1040078

After the rooftop party, we experienced even more nightlife by way of the local club scene, and then had a late dinner (3AM) at an Indian restaurant near Havana Club. It was at this point we started realizing the limits of our bodies, and learned how to “sleep in” during vacation.

Next: exploring KL!


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