Final Moments in Singapore: A Photo Gallery

Here are the last of the photos of Singapore. I’ve excluded a lot for the sake of time/space, but these highlights show the general path of adventuring Jason and I took to get where we wanted to be and see a smattering of local sites in a condensed time period. Again, I would love to go back and see more, take more time to enjoy more of the places, and so on and so forth. I will probably have to go back for a week or so. Maybe after Cambodia? A final note: a bug in WordPress uploaded all my pictures in reverse order, so it’s like traveling backwards in time.

P1020984 P1030147 P1030135 P1030133

Little India:

P1030129 P1030128 P1030127 P1030126 P1030125 P1030124 P1030123 P1030122 P1030121 P1030120 P1030119 P1030118 P1030117 P1030115 P1030114

Gardens by the Bay:

P1030108 P1030107 P1030106 P1030098 P1030095 P1030094 P1030092 P1030091 P1030089 P1030085 P1030084 P1030083 P1030082 P1030079 P1030078 P1030076 P1030074 P1030073

Even more Marina Bay Sands:

P1030072 P1030071 P1030070 P1030067 P1030065 P1030062 P1030059 P1030058 P1030055 P1030054

Arab Street;

P1030040 P1030036 P1030035 P1030034 P1030033 P1030032 P1030030

Hindu Temple and Chinatown:

P1030027 P1030024 P1030023 P1030019 P1030015 P1030008 P1030007 P1030003 P1030002 P1020998 P1020997 P1020995 P1020994 P1020993 P1020992 P1020991

And our new friends in Singapore: Hweesh, Daphne, Jason, Me, and Justin


There will have to be a post down the road where I reflect on Singapore’s culture and people, but I’ve got a lot of catching up to do with the photos.

Next: Kluang, Malaysia


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