Photo Reflections: We Get Singey in Singapore

Daily adventuring in Singapore means lots of walking, lots of shopping, and lots of eating. Here are the highlights. By now you’re probably sick of Singapore, but I say let the wildness begin!

P1020897 P1020898

Apparently denizen doesn’t have the negative connotations in Singapore that it does in the USA.


I like (but not really) all the generic names of stores on this list.


Public transit innovations never cease to surprise me.

P1020906 P1020909 P1020910 P1020912 P1020913 P1020914

Nice to see other uses of SPD coming from the land of the Seattle Police Department.

P1020915 P1020916

Woods in the Books is an amazing Children’s bookstore.


So is Books Actually.

P1020918 P1020919 P1020920 P1020922

Cyril Wong is a fantastic local poet.

P1020923 P1020926 P1020928 P1020929 P1020930 P1020931 P1020932

“Please Use Me.”


“Tipping/Dumping Prohibited.”


“Pizza Wine.”

P1020937 P1020938

“No Naked Lights.”


Hell notes are those you buy to burn for your dead ancestors. A curious activity I’d never heard of before visiting Singapore. We also saw people burning paper goods for ancestors in Kampot, Cambodia.


“Frozen Pleasures.”

P1020944 P1020945 P1020946

I definitely did a double-take after this. Below: the Hawker Market!

P1020947 P1020948 P1020949 P1020950 P1020951 P1020952 P1020954 P1020955 P1020957 P1020958 P1020961 P1020963 P1020964

Sugarcane juice.

P1020965 P1020968 P1020971 P1020975 P1020976 P1020979 P1020980

Durian! And below: Jason does not like Durian.



Next: final moments in Singapore, and our trip to Malaysia!


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