The Ache to Leave: an Introductory Note


Hunched over the tablet, the writing device that will keep me company for the next 30 days. Mouth parched from a day’s worth of exhaustive house cleaning and equally exhausting bag packing. I will be journeying through a small chunk of Southeast Asia for the next 30+ days with poet and confidant Jason Conger. We will arrive in Singapore, head through Malaysia, and then fly to Cambodia, a preview of where I will be for a significant period of time after this initial journey is over. We will end our tour in Vietnam, heading through the Mekong and Ho Chi Minh City, and then up the coast.

There may also be a visit to Thailand in order, or perhaps northern Vietnam… After Jason heads back home. We will see where the wind takes me. My greatest fear is being tired arriving to Phnom Penh to start my internship the first week of September… Carrying with me little more than a weak back and tired mind. I am tired now and the journey hasn’t started! But nervous, and excited. I haven’t been outside of the United States of America since being in Europe in 2007. This will also be more unstructured than I have ever traveled.

I am sad, extremely so, to leave Seattle. I’m a recent email I wrote to friends of remarked on how much I would miss them. But such correspondence doesn’t do justice. I thrive on the relationships I have with other people, and while I don’t find it impossible to meet new people, I do find it hard to leave those I know and love behind. But this is a new challenge and one that must be taken heavily and seriously. More on that later! For now, fun and updates. I will hope to regularly post on this month’s travels, but I also do not know if consistency can be expected. Hopefully wifi and dependence on the Internet will be valuable in keeping me thinking and writing. Hopefully I will also upload YouTube videos accordingly. Stay tuned, as I will, my gut fattened from parties with familiar faces in this emerald city, the beer and food entrancing, the smiles making it hard to leave.

Next major move: airport leaves Seattle for Tokyo and then Singapore tomorrow at 1230pm.


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